People hate monotony and they will hate to see the usual slideshow of the same old story. Try something different. Why not a virtual reality that gives you 360 degree view explainer videos of what you see. The mistake one does is to start creating explainer videos without even researching on what is most liked by the potential audience and also what has already been used. Then you can have an idea about what to add and the things to leave behind that will make your video boring to watch.

A 360-degree camera is also known as omnidirectional camera refers to a camera with a 360-degree field of view in horizontal plane or simply a camera which is ideally suited while creating 3D product video with a visual field of view which can cover an entire sphere. 360-degree cameras are widely used in instances when the photographer needs to cover large visual fields such as when dealing with robotics or panoramic photography.

With the normal cameras, the field of view ranges from a few degrees to at most 180 degrees. It implies that the camera capture light falling into its focal point through a hemisphere. A 360-degree camera on the other hand captures light from all directions falling onto its focal point, thus effectively covering a full sphere of the 3D animation videos. One important thing to note about 360-degree cameras is that in practice, they can only cover the full 360 degrees along the equator of the sphere and this is never the case with the top or the bottom of the sphere. Should it manage to capture the top and the bottom as well, then the light rays captured in the creation of the image will not intersect at one focal point.

It’s also possible to create these corporate looking 3D animation explainer videos by using six cameras recording simultaneously in a cube configuration. 360 degree videos involves a complex task where everything in the editing area like if you are using a tele prompter, or people in the background which are usullay hidden in normal videos would be seen.

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